Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food

Quality food is the best thing you can give your dog if you want to keep him healthy and show your affection. Wellness is one of the best pet food manufacturers, known for their holistic, limited ingredient food philosophy. Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food makes no exception from the rule, no matter what variety you choose, depending on your dog’s preference: Salmon & Potatoes or Turkey & Potatoes. Both are just as great and made out of natural ingredients and supplying all the necessary nutrients to your four-legged companion.

Product description

Before digging in for complex information (and Wellness provides plenty of it), there are a few simple and important things you need to know about this formula. Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food is dedicated to adult dogs and contains high-quality protein and few easily digestible carbohydrates. The flaxseed is a source of healthy fats which supports the health of the skin and coat. Most common digestive problems in dog will be tackled by the fact that this formula is grain free and it contains probiotics and prebiotics. On the other hand, this food does not contain and harmful or low-quality ingredients such as meat by-products, dairy, corn, soy, artificial substances. Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food truly proves that less is more.


Wellness Simple Grain-Free Canned Dog Food contains 1,360 kcal/kg or 482 kcal/can ME (metabolizable energy) for the turkey version, and 1,240 kcal/kg or 439 kcal/can ME for the salmon variety, which is a normal calorie content for a wet dog food, which is less concentrated that dry food.


The ingredients always should guide you towards the final buying decision and in the case of this formula the list of ingredients will convince you that Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food is a good choice. The meat in this dog food is either turkey with turkey broth, or salmon and salmon broth. The rest of the ingredients remain almost unchanged in both cases: potatoes, canola oil, flaxseed, botanicals like chicory, supplements (iron, zinc, cobalt, copper, manganese, potassium, vitamin A, B-12, and D-3, folic acid etc.  The grain-frree food is preserved naturally, with the help of mixed tocopherols. A guaranteed analysis shows that the formula contains at least 8% crude protein, at least 5% crude fat, maximum 1% crude fiber and maximum 78% moisture.


A Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food case of 12 cans, each weighing 12.5 oz, costs with a discount $31.99. Each can isw offered at $2.40. It is a medium price and it is worth it, considering the quality of the ingredients.

Best Stores To Buy Welness Simple Canned Dog Food

You will find two flavors of Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food    Wag   Petsmart   Your Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food at Petco Store is a very good purchase

Feeding tips

Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food is designed for adult dogs and should be served as a complementary meal to dry food. If you don’t serve the whole can at a single meal, refrigerate the remainings. If you choose to give your dog only this food, you need to feed him with ¾ to 1 ¼ cans for each 15 lbs of body weight. If you combine it with dry food, you must reduce the dry formula by 1/3 cup for each ½ can of wet food. Either way, consider your dog’s age, level of activity and size and give him plenty of fresh water.

Why choose Wellness Simple Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

The answer to this question is quite simple. First of all, Wellness is a premium pet food brand that you can trust. With this formula, you know you are not giving your dog any harmful ingredients such as corn, grains, soy, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives or fillers. The high-quality meat is always the first ingredient. The food come into practical 12.5 oz cans that you can easily serve to your dog. He will surely enjoy the taste of this formula, be it turkey or salmon, and also get rid of some health issues. This is because Wellness Simple Canned Dog Food is recommended or dogs suffering from allergies or food sensitivities. More than this, your canine companion will enjoy a good state of health and a luxuriant coat.


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