Wellness Core Large Breed Dry is the best dog food for your big four-legged friend

If you have a giant canine at home, when you go to buy supplies for him, there are three coordinates which should make you choose this next formula: “Wellness”, “Large breed” and “Grain free”. Most of all, Wellness is a trusted pet food manufacturer; secondly, your dog needs food appropriate for his size to tackle the potential health issues of large breeds, and lately, grains should be excluded from your dog’s diet because he needs very little carbohydrates and because grains cause allergies to your four-legged friend. This is why Wellness Core Large Breed Formula Dry Dog Food is a good option for your big dog. It contains high-quality proteins, glucosamine and chondroitin to protect joints and all the goodies come in large kibbles which will fit just perfectly between your giant’s jaws.

Product description

Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food is available in 12 lbs and 26 lbs bags and apart from containing tasty chicken and turkey, it includes fatty acids, probiotics and antioxidants and no GMO ingredients. It is suitable for every day and it will provide balanced nutrition to your large breed dog. Wellness guarantees that all the ingredients are natural, to support your dog’s health on a long term so you can enjoy his company for a long time from now on. More than being a happy dog, a canine fed with this Wellness formula will have a healthy aspect and a shiny coat.


Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food contains just the right amount of calories to keep your giant in good shape: 3,540 kcal/kg or 346 kcal/cup ME (metabolizable energy).


If the quantity of food needed by your dog is large, this doesn’t mean you can afford to give him fillers to afford feeding him. Wellness makes no compromise and places natural high-quality ingredients in Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food. Meat is the first ingredient, including chicken and turkey. There are some vegetables, too, in this formula: peas, tomatoes, potatoes, carrots, broccoli, spinach and parsley, fruits (apples), plant extracts (rosemary, green tea, chicory) and a long list of supplements. These supplements are vitamins and minerals, amino-acids, taurine (for cardiovascular health), glucosamine (to protect the joints), probiotics (to improve digestion) and mixed tocopherols which make it possible to preserve the food naturally. No grains, fillers or artificial flavors or preservatives.

All in all, Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food contains 34% crude protein, 12% crude fat and maximum 6% crude fiber.

Best Stores To Buy Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food

don't exitate to visit Petco store looking for Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog  Food   Try Wag Store for your Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food purchaseslargd uour


Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food is not cheap, but your dog will surely be healthy and pleased on this formula. The 12 lbs bag costs $36.99, and the 26 lbs bag is $64.99.

Feeding tips

A big dog eats a lot and you need to give him the right amounts of Wellness Core Large Breed Dry. A 50 to 60 lbs dog needs 3 – 3 2/3 cups every day, and an 180 lbs giant should receive 6 – 6 ¾ cups daily. If your dog weighs more than 180 lbs, add ¼ cup for each extra 10 lbs. A standard cup is 8 0z. You also need to provide your dog with lots of fresh clean water and adjust the portions to his level of activity and age. It is recommended, for most dog foods, to allow your dog to adjust to the new formula and introduce it to his diet gradually, and this is a good piece of advice to follow in this case, too.

If your dog suffers from allergies or food intolerance read our review about this other excellent product: Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient.

ogs suffering from food sensitivities or food allergies

Why choose Wellness Core Large Breed Dry Dog Food

When your dog is out of the ordinary, you need to give him a special food to match his specific dietary needs. Wellness Core Large Breed Dry promises to keep your big dog healthy because it provides complete nutrition with healthy ingredients and no grains. It targets the most common health issues of large breeds and provides your dog with the necessary nutrients and supplements to avoid illnesses and enjoy a long healthy life. More than this, he will be energetic, happy and have a beautiful shiny coat.

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