Best dog food review of Sojos Grain-Free Dog Food mix, one of the best grain-free dog fod

Sojos Grain-Free Mix Dog Food is the meal most appropriate for your dog that needs delicacy. It is the perfect food for the easy preparation: you can complete the meal with meat of your choice, fruit and vegetables. If your dog is sensitive to grains, this is the perfect food for his diet, giving protection for his allergies or other types of food. Sojos Gran-Free Mix Dog Food is also ideal when you intend to supplement your dog’s diet with other ingredients according to your recipe. Your dog will love it!

Sojos is the shortened name for Sojourner Farms, a family owned company in Minneapolis with over 25 years of experience in the dog and pet food. Sojos was the first dehydrated pet product created in US: the dehydration makes a nutrient and rich of vitamins product. Sojos Grain-Free Mix Dog Food requires only additional water, and any optionally other  ingredients.

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Product description

With 1 lb of Sojos Grain-Free Mix Dog Food, mixed with meat and water, you have around 6 lbs of fresh, raw dog food. Sojos is made with no preservatives. Only natural ingredients are mixed, no one artificial part is present. Ingredients have been studied to keep your dog in good health: fruits and vegetable supplement is the important contribution with sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli, celery, apples, whole egg, herbs and vitamins: the perfect natural mix for your four-legged friend.

There is only nature in the bowl of your dog: meat and other vegetables can be added to Sojos Grain-Free Mix Dog Food; according to your recipe you can cook the meat, or leave it raw. This mix, with a low-fat content, will give your dog a high level of proteins and antioxidants, to keep up regular his immune system. The product is available in 2 lb. ad 8 lb, bags, which makes 11 and 44 cups of food.
High-quality nutrition, natural enzymes, no preservatives: thanks to Sojos Grain-Free characteristics you will give your dog a home-prepared food: in a short time, your four-legged friend will have his great natural meal.


The use of different types of fiber in the ingredients helps your dog’s digestion. Sweet potato, garlic, carrots , broccoli, parsley leaf, garlic, and apples, celery and cranberries gives the right contribution of vegetables and fiber, eggs, herbs and vitamins: phosphate tricalcium, flax meal, carob powder, dried kelp and alfalfa, ginger root, sunflower oil, D3 vitamin. Proteins are composed of 1.3% min. crude, 8.2% max crude fiber, crude fat 5.1% min. crude fat, 10.0% max moisture.

Price and promotion

Sojos Grain-Free Mix Dog Food is supplied in boxes of different weight, and prices range from $ 16.99 to $ 64.99. Click the red button and get our Sojos Grain Free Mix Dog Food Coupon to save money and time on buying best dog food.



2925 kcal/kg, 332 Kcal for each cup.

Best Dog Food Tips

Mix Sojos Grain-Free with water and raw or cooked meat: a soup stock can also be added instead of later. Remember that the longer you soak Sojos Grain-Free, the more digestible it will be. Put it in refrigerator and let for at least 15 minutes. Now your dog’s meal is ready. We suggest to introduce gradually Sojos Grain Free Dog Food Mix, decreasing little by little the old meal: the gradual adjustments should be made over a period of two-week, and could be for 4-6 weeks for your senior or sick dog.

Why to choose Sojos Grain-Free Dog Food Mix

Sojos Grain-Free is the best dog food for your sensitive dog, giving high-quality nutrition in a natural meal. It is perfect for your four-legged friend if you are looking for a product that can give all the benefits of a home-cooked meal with the best nutritional values. That’s why we recommend Sojos Grain-Free for your pets.

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