Best Dog Food Review suggests you Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food for its nutritional properties

Orijen Adult Dog Food is the ideal meal for your dog. The main ingredient of Orijen Adult dog food is meat, enriched with fresh fruits and vegetables, moreover is a grain-free product, to reduce carbohydrate consumption.

Nutritional balance is guaranteed by a 80% meat and 20% of vegetables freshly picked, that make this dry dog food a healthy food for our dogs. The meat contained is mainly composed of Canadians pullets and turkeys, white fish and fresh-caught king salmon, with the addition of fresh eggs.

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Orijen is manufactured by Champion Petfoods, a Canadian company that operates on the international market of dog fooding for over 25 years, spreading quality and tradition. The use of fresh, regional ingredients, and the total absence of synthetic or artificial preservative allows you to peacefully buy food for your four-legged friend.
Our dog food review provides detailed information about Orijen Adult Dog Food composition, listing all the benefits and tips about this dry dog food.

Product description

Orijen Adult Dog Food is one of the best dry dog food, designed according to the latest canine nutrition information. The presence and quantity of ingredients have been studied to keep your dog in good health, and to take care of his wellness, his shiny coat, the protection of his vascular system and cells, and to give him the right amount of antioxidants and vitamins.

The meat component of the product is composed by a mix of Canadian fresh meat, pullet and turkey meat, fresh fish and eggs provided by local farms: these ingredients give the dog a balanced intake of crude protein and crude fat, essential amino acids, and Omega-3.
Fruits and vegetables include carrots and tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, cranberries, apples, and seaweed Seetang.  This seaweed provides a significant amount of vitamins and amino acids. The selection of these products is aimed at the prevention of dog urinary diseases, and dog cardiac system diseases.

Orijen Adult Dog Food is cereal free to avoid dog digestive issues and dog overweight problems. This is the best dog food to prevent the risk of developing diabetes, thanks to a balanced intake of carbohydrates.

Among the ingredients of this dry dog food we emphasize the presence of a mix of herbs that contributes to stimulate the intestinal tract of your dog. Herbs are: calendula, dandelion, chicory, licorice,  greek hay, fennel seeds, psyllium seeds, chamomile flowers, all with soothing and calming properties.

In Orijen Adult Dog Food there are not ingredients that have been frozen, every ingredient is fresh and cooked at a moderate temperature to keep the most of the goodness and nutritional value.


3,900 calories in kcal/kg or 460 kcal per 250ml cup (120g)


Poultry meat – fresh (22%), dehydrated (15%), liver (4%), hearts and cartilage of fresh poultry ( 3% + 3%).
Turkey meat – fresh (4 %), dehydrated (4%) and liver (3%)
Fresh fish – sandra (3%), salmon (3%), herring (4%), dried herring (3%), dried salmon (3%)
Eggs – Whole fresh eggs (3%)
Oil – liver poultry oil (3%)
Vegetables  –  red potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas, alfalfa sun-dried yam root fibers,  peas,  green and red lentils , chick peas,  green peas, pumpkin,  spinach leaves, carrots, seaweed Seetang
Fruit – bartlett pears, cranberries, red delicious apples
Herbs – licorice, angelica root,  greek hay, marigold flowers,  fennel,  sweet fennel, peppermint leaf, chamomile flowers,  dandelion, rosemary.
Orijen Adult Dog Food contain natural vitamin E.


vitamin A ( 15,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (2,000 IU/kg), manganese (14 mg/kg),  iron (40 mg kg), selenium (0.3 mg/kg), iodine (3 mg/kg), copper (13 mg/kg), zinc (150 mg/kg).
Best Dog Food Tips The nutritional components of Orijen Adult Dog Food have been carefully selected for a healthy life of your four-legged friend. Our advice is to serve the meal twice a day.
It is important to remember that we have to take care of our dog as one of our own, watching his weight over, and serving right rations.

Price and Promotion

Orijen Adult dog food is supplied in boxes of different weight (12 oz, 5 lb, 15 lb, 28.6 lb) and discount prices: from $3.79 for 12 oz to $70.99 (instead of $118.99) for 28.6 lb.

Why to choose Orijen Adult Dog Food

You can be sure that Orijen Adult Dog Food is a natural dog food suitable for all breeds and all sizes.
This is certainly a great choice if you are looking for a balanced dry dog food,  based primarily on a selection of fresh meat,  with an important contribution of properly doses of plants and herbs:  a proper mix that your dog will appreciate with great taste.
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