Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog Food is a selected meal for your little friend

Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food is an outstanding feed for your puppies. The food is perfectly balanced with nutrients from the proteins, vitamins, fats, grains, oils, dairy and vegetables which are carefully combined to give your pet the finest feed for his health. Your dog is certain of being happy and healthy by relying on the feed as it has all its ingredients combined and processed by experts hence its quality can never be likened to any other. With just a small handful of the feed, you can attract your puppy to remain by your side all the time. The feed has a unique and natural taste that your puppy will atomically love.


The dog food is prepared from a gorgeous list of ingredients which are mixed with the right amounts to ensure the food comes out when exquisite in nourishing the health of your puppy. The included ingredients are turkey, chicken, whole grains from barley, brown rice and oats, chicken meal and fat, pea fiber, flaxseed, eggs, apples, carrots, blueberries, pumpkin, tomatoes, sunflower oil, salts, ascorbic acid, alfalfa sprouts, Green beans, vitamins and minerals. The ingredients are classic in nature and hence excellent in giving your puppy the health you desire to see in him. Certainly, Innova Large Puppy Dog food is the finest for your pet.


The Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food has a low calorie content that is supreme for a gleaming health in your puppy. The calculated amount is 3659 kcal per kilogram which is converted to 377 kcal for every cup.

Has grains

Once you get your puppy feeding on the Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food, you assure him of superlative health. The feed comes with the best selected grains to aid in giving your dog a fine health. The major grains in it are the barley and brown rice which are rich in nutrients. They all contain high amounts of vitamins and antioxidants which are incredible in ensuring good health in your pet. Fibers are also present in the grains to just ensure that nothing lacks in the feed. Definitely, you should never let your pet skip any  day without the Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food.

Where To Buy Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog Food

Click on PetSmart and take the most natural Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog Food    Check PetFoodDirect before  buyng puppy dog food and chhose Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog Fooddog    Wag helps you to choose the best Innova Large Breed Puppy food


You can easily grab a packet for your pet at $32.99. Certainly, your pet should not miss the greatness provided by the Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food as the feed is highly affordable.

You can find some good offers: a 6 lb bag costs around $15, a 15 lb bag is around $28 and the double one, of 30lb, is $47.93.

Why to choose the Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food

Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food is a superior source of the best minerals for your puppy. The pet will definitely have his health growing as he also grows to become as adult dog pet. The major minerals included in the feed are the phosphorous and calcium. These are major minerals in promoting strong bones and the entire skeletal structure. Your pet will look amazing from far and will be highly envied by all your friends. The feed definitely assures you that your pet will continually grow to become a strong and lovely dog.

Best dog food tips

The Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food is prepared dry hence can be mixed with any of the other dog foods you have to make your puppy happy. It also comes out superb when taken alone and you will certainly feel happy about him taking it. Clean and fresh water are necessary for your pet all day while you also monitor his health closely with your veterinarian.  Give your pet the right amount as indicated on the packaging. It is also necessary to allow your pet feed on a little of the food initially and get him advancing as he gets used to it. Certainly, your pet will love the natural flavor that is in built in the meal and he will get used to it very soon Innova Large Breed Puppy Dog food is a sure way of promoting the health of your pet simply.

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