Innova Large Breed Adult Canned

Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food is the finest choice for large breed adult dogs. It is an appetizing mix of chicken broth with the best quality meats, nutritious fruits and vegetables and whole grains, for a nutritionally rich and tasty meal. Loaded with health-enhancing ingredients such as turkey, chicken, herring and whole eggs, it also contains healthy vegetables like potatoes and carrots. This is a delicious and nutritious meal for your dog, in a can. Innova is packed with such natural goodness and yummy taste that your dog will love gobbling his mouth-watering meals everyday. This dog food contains ingredients from the five food groups and has premium quality meats. It is exceptional for weight management and joint health in large breeds. Fortified with essential vitamins and minerals, this dog food is wholesome goodness in every mouthful for your furry buddy. Specially formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements of your pet, this dog food for large breeds is an outstanding productIt has all the valuable nutrition of dry dog food, and comes conveniently packaged in a can. This dog food contains provides abundant all natural nutrition on a daily basis. The nutritional value and flavors of the ingredients are closest to their fresh state. The preferred pick for a large breed dog is Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food.


Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food has 200.0 kcal per 5.5 oz can and 479 kcal per 13.2 oz can.

Where to choose Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food

Wag Store offers the cheapest Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food   PetSmart Store offers Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food    PetfoodDirect provides Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food   At Amazon Store you can find Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food


Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food is a balanced and healthy choice for your dog. The meats used are of premium quality and are fresh. This dog food is high in nutrition and more than meets your dog’s daily nutritional needs. It is rich in fiber from whole grains like brown rice. It contains turkey, chicken, chicken, chicken broth, herring, herring oil, cottage cheese and whole egg. It has nutritious vegetables and fruits such as potato, carrot, guar gum, alfalfa sprouts and apple. Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food has balanced calcium and phosphorous levels. This dog food is great for joint health as it contains glucosamine and chondroitin. This product is rich in natural antioxidants and contains the Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. It is ideal for providing balanced everyday nutrition to keep your pooch in top-shape. It is formulated to meet all the nutritional levels as specified by the AAFCO. It is fortified with all essential vitamins and minerals and is formulated to optimize your dog’s good health. Brimming with natural goodness, Innova is an all natural, complete, everyday meal time choice for your large breed dog.

Price and promotions

Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food 12 Pack Case is available for $25.78.


Best dog food Tip

Innova has a fresh yummy taste that dogs find delicious. This adult dog food comes packed in a handy to use can, which must be kept refrigerated, to preserve freshness. It contains nothing artificial, there are no preservatives, colors or flavors. For this reason, if there is any food leftover in your dog’s food bowl, it should be disposed off, after a few hours.

Why to choose Innova Large Breed Adult Canned Dog Food

Innova large breed adult canned dog food is a great mealtime choice for your dog. It is a delicious mix of the best quality meats, natural fruits and vegetables, whole grains, potatoes and cottage cheese. For large breed dogs, managing body weight and keeping your dog fit and not fat, is essential. This dog food contains all natural ingredients from five food groups, vital nutrients from fresh vegetables and fruits, plus is rich in indispensable fatty acids. The freshest and top-quality ingredients go into each and every can. The meats used are human-quality and are closest to their natural state. There is nothing artificial, no preservatives, no artificial flavors or colors. It is very easy to digest. This product is good health and high nutrition in each and every bite.

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