Evo Original Canned Dog Food si one of the most natural dog food

A completely natural and exceptionally nutritious meal time choice for your dog is Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken.  This canned dog food is recognized for being brimming with natural goodness, contains the best quality fresh meats and is packed with essential vitamins and minerals. It contains all natural ingredients, provides high quality nutrition at each meal time and comes packed in an easy to use can. This dog food is a delicious blend of the best quality meats and nutritive vegetables.  Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken provides wholesome and complete natural nutrition, and contains no artificial ingredients, there are no preservatives, no colors, or added flavors. It is rich in nutrition and more than meets your dog’s daily nutritional needs.  Once you switch your dog to Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken, you are bound to notice a great difference in your dog.  The excellent quality of meats in every can means they are easy to digest and allow optimum absorption of nutrients.  It will give your dog an extra boost of energy, plus healthy skin and a super glossy coat, to boot.  Every Evo meal reinforces and builds good heath and well-being, all this with no preservatives or anything artificial.  Now that’s all natural goodness, packed in an easy to use can.


Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken contains 200.2 kcals per 5.5 oz can and 479.9  kcals per 13.2 oz can


Every can of Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken is packed with nutritious and wholesome ingredients.  Key ingredients include chicken, turkey, chicken meal, salmon meal, herring, herring oil, whole egg, and carrots.  Chicken and turkey are highly recommended for dogs as they contain the ten amino acids essential for a dog’s well-being.  Chicken meal and salmon meal are an excellent concentrated form of meat, and have almost 300% more protein content that fresh meat.  Herring and herring oil are loaded with natural protein and contain beneficial omega 3 fatty acids.  The other ingredients include naturally nutritious whole eggs.  Carrots, which are a rich source of beta-carotene and fiber, are added.  Also included are all essential vitamins and minerals.  Now that is what high nutrition is all about.

Price, Promotion and Stores

Evo Original Canned Dog Food with Turkey & Chicken 12 Pk is available at $23.99 with a Discount of 8%, 24 Pk is available at $36.90 with the same Discount.

Evo Original Canned Dog Food is avaiable at Petfooddirect with an interesting discount   Visit Amazon Store to find Evo Original Canned Dog Food

Best Dog Food tip

Evo Original Turkey/Chicken Canned Dog Food has an extra delicious taste so your dog is sure to eat it all up, as soon as he can. If your dog has had his fill, and there is still some left over in his bowl, be sure to dispose off the leftover, after a couple of hours. Canned dog food have air-tight packaging, and contain no synthetic preservatives, so be sure to always refrigerated the cans. 

Why to choose Evo Original Turkey &  Chicken Canned Dog Food

EVO Turkey & Chicken Canned Dog Food is an excellent choice for your furry family member; it is high on nutrition and even higher on great taste.  It is packed with highly nutritious natural ingredients and fresh quality meat.  This EVO product is totally grain-free, with fresh turkey and chicken as its sources of animal protein.  This dog food is a top-quality product, which provides abundant protein.  It contains all essential vitamins and minerals, crucial for your dog’s good health.  It is easy to digest and contains no synthetic preservatives , artificial flavorings or colorings.  It is a rich source of omega fatty acids. This dog food is overflowing with health-bestowing fresh ingredients, which enhance your dog’s good health.  Your dog is sure to love its appetizing taste, even picky dogs seem to love it.

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