This is the ideal dog house: Eco-friendly Bunk Dog House a holfine

Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House is the perfect choice if you want to ensure maximum comfort for your pet and protect the environment at the same time. Not to mention that it looks very nice, too. The most special thing about this house is the material it is made of: eco-Flex, an innovation, which consists of recycled post-consumer polymers and wood fibers, which will provide the natural aspect. The material will present both the advantages of polymers and wood, making the final product more versatile and resilient.


What you will like first at Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House is its wood appearance, which means you can paint it, too. You will need to use exterior latex paint. Secondly, your dog will be protected against cold and water because the house is raised from the ground and has a step-in design. The house is easy to clean and maintain, because it has ventilation holes on top and drainage gaps on the floor. The roof can be easily removed for cleaning.


The Eco-Flex material is made 100% from post-consumer recycled materials. This fabric has both the advantages of polymer materials and wood at the same time: it won’t rot and it is resistant to pets and, at the same time, it can be painted and has the beautiful aspect characteristic to wood dog houses. This material; is non-toxic and will resist to water, moisture, rot and insects. Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House also features a chrome plated metal frame to offer more resilience and durability to the structure. The house is easy to assemble with the help of thumb screws and the whole structure is extremely lightweight. The manufacturer (New Age Pet) ensures us that the house will last for years and also offers a one year warranty for normal use.

Key features

Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House comes in four sizes: Small, for pets up to 20 lbs, Medium for pets up to 50 lbs, Large for pets up to 100 lbs and Extra Large, if your dog is up to 200lbs. The small version has the next dimensions: exterior: 24.4″ length x 21.7″ width x 25.2″ height, interior: 18.5″ length x 17.7″ width x 21.3″ height, and door opening 9″ length x 10″ width. This should be just perfect to ensure your little woofer’s comfort.

Where To Buy Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House

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Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House is not the cheapest option, but the prices are fairly reasonable after all, if we consider the special technology used in manufacturing the house and the fact that it will look as new for many years, unlike wood houses. The medium version costs $159 instead of $189,  the large – $219.00, and the extra large will cost $239.  A fair price for a high-quality resilient product which is easy to assemble and maintain.

Why choose Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House

The reasons to choose Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House are easy to discover when you read the products specifications and become even clearer when you actually buy this dog house. The most attractive and interesting fact about this dog house is the material it is made of – the eco-Flex combination of polymers and recycled wood, with special properties and which allows you to protect the environment. This also means that the house’s aspect will remain unchanged for years and that your canine’s shelter will be protected against pests, insects and moisture. The next reason should be the design – this dog house looks very good and has a removable roof for easier maintenance, plus the drainage holes which will help you keep it clean. Dog owners should also consider this house because it is very easy to assemble; the house consists of a few panels (6 or 7) which can be put together without needing any tools. And they will surely appreciate the fact that this house comes in various dimensions, unlike other dog houses; even if your dog weighs 200 lbs, you can choose the Eco-Friendly Bunk Dog House for him since the manufacturer provides an extra-large version of this house, too.

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