Cesar Senior Chicken Rice is a delicious formula for your pet

Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food is a product specially designed for your elder friend and containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals for seniors while enjoying them with great taste at the same time. Most pet owners have reported that even the most finicky dog is very enthusiastic when he is served with this chicken and rice delight. This dog food is wet, which makes it easy to eat by your senior dog and he will lick his food bawl to get more of the food’s wonderful taste.

Product description

Each pack of Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food weight 3, 5 oz and if you don’t serve all the food during a single meal, you can refrigerate it. The package can be easily recognized by the white cute Westie on the lid and the purple color. The cooking method is simmering, which means cooking at a lower temperature and making it possible to tenderize the meat, which can be very helpful to senior dogs whose teeth may sometimes be in not such a good shape. A disadvantage of this food may be that it contains meat by-products, which means a lower quality of the product. On the other hand, dog shouldn’t eat only lean muscle meat, but also tripe (as in whole prey foods), which doesn’t mean this food is necessarily bad for your canine.

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About the ingredients of Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food, the protein is represented by chicken and meat by-products, including beef.  Another good ingredient is liver, because eating tripe is just as important as eating meat. The brewer’s rice in this food is not a bad ingredient either, because it contains fiber which improves your dog’s digestion, not to mention that it is more affordable than perfect ground rice. You just need to be careful not to feed to much your dog with grains or he will gain weight.  Another interesting ingredient is taurine, which is considered useful for maintaining cardiovascular health in senior dogs. A better taste is provided by the tomato pomace and by the botanicals like chicory and marigold. Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food also contains lots of supplements: potassium, zinc, copper, manganese, sources of vitamin C, D and E, and fish oil (a source of fatty acids, essential for your dog’s health). A guaranteed analysis reveals a crude protein content of minimum 8,0%, at least 3,5% crude fat, maximum 1,0% crude fiber and maximum 82% moisture. The liquid is represented by meat broth. This formula also contains some color preservers and thickening agents which may not be agreed upon by some pet owners.


The price of Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food is very affordable. A 3,5 oz can costs only $0,70, a case of 24 costs $23.99.

Feeding tips

The manufacturer does not display any feeding guideline on the Cesar website and only the package of the product may inform the customer on how to serve the dog this food. All the usual advice applies to this food, too. Feed your dog accordingly to his level of activity, size, breed and environment; always provide him with plenty of fresh water; allow the dog to get used to the food during a transition period; ask for the veterinarian’ advice if you are not sure what are the nutritional levels required by your dog.

Why choose Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food

Cesar Senior Chicken Rice Dog Food  is a good choice if you want to add some wet food to your dog’s diet and spoil it from time to time with something very tasty, or at least this is what most pet owners report – their dog are very excited when fed with this formula. It is also a good option if you want to save some money and still give to your dog an average product that he will enjoy.

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