Sure your four-legged friend will be happy and relaxed with The Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed

For those of you who have been looking for a quality and reliable pet bed in the market, the Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed will arrive as one of the best choices. As pet owners, we have always wanted to give the best to our pets, regardless of whether it is their food, health, cleanliness and comfort; and this product is a great deal for owners who intend to take good care of their pets. Though there are loads of options for pet food, there are only few products in this market that offer optimum convenience to our pets, and are cost effective as well. Falling in line with this requirement is the Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed, that delivers comfort to our pets and makes sure he sleeps well and feels good whenever he rests on it.


The Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed boasts of a design your pets will love and feel comfortable with. The donut dog bed is designed keeping in mind the security and the comfort of your pet; and that is why the design features an outer ring that provides security and makes your pet feel cozy whenever he hops in to rest on it. Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed, which has a bolster and cushion made of one hundred percent polyester fiber, ensures that your pet feels comfortable and completely peaceful every time he tries to sleep on the bed. The overstuffed cushion at the bottom and the removable foam bottom insert deliver unparalleled support for your pet, and the cushion, when removed, can be used as a crate or a travel mat as well.


One of the best things about the product is that the micro-velvet used in the making of the bed is 100 percent woven, and does not wear off after repeated washes. In fact, the velvet just gets softer, resulting the amazing look of the donut bed being maintained for ages. The other fascinating feature of this product is that the bolster and cushions are zippered, allowing users to easily wash and dry the product.

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Other Features

The Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed is pre-washed, color-safe and is made of fabric that repels pet hair and dirt. The design adapts easily to your pet’s wight and sleeping position and offers restful sleep. The bed, apart from this, makes your pet feel cool during the summers and warm during winters, thereby ensuring your pet is comfortable at any given point of time.


The donut bed is available for pets of all sizes and weight. The basic size starts with beds for extra small that supports a maximum of up to 15 lbs. The next range of sizes are small, medium, large and extra large and can support maximum weights of up to 25 lbs, 45 lbs, 80 lbs and 100 lbs respectively. Additionally, there is another size variant that is best suited for XX large pets who weigh a maximum of up to 150 lbs.


Though the fabric, materials and the build for all the sizes are same, they, however, differ in their prices. Discounts are offered for every  Bowsers Garden Donut Dog Bed size: priced at around from $59.99 to 249,99 (full prices are from 69.99 to 299.99) for extra small, small, medium, large, extra large and XX large variants.


The Bowsers Garden Donut Dog bed offers several advantages over the other pet beds in the market. From a pet’s point of view, the bed has attractive designs and is visually appealing. With lots of colors to choose from, the bed is a treat for the pets and an aesthetic enhancer for home; your pets will find it really comfortable in their new donut dog beds as they offer optimum comfort for them. From a pet owner’s perspective, Bowsers Garden Donut Dog bed is easy to wash and clean. The colors do not fade out after repeated washes, and helps maintain the aesthetic appeal of the bed.


There is one minor glitch that we found when we had our pets use the bed. It is that the fabric, to an extent, attracts pet hair. When we noticed the bed after our pets used the bed for a while, we saw some strands of hair of the pets. This means the bed has to be continuously cleaned to make it look clean and appealing.

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