The Best Puppy Dog Food reviews list the most natural food for young dogs

Before welcoming the new young furry member of your family, you need to know a few things about his diet. First of all, he eats a lot. And he needs a formula specially formulated for the puppy’s high nutritional demands. Our website presents you a variety of puppy dog food so you can choose what’s best for the little companion. Ideally, these foods should not contain any artificial substances; they need to be high in protein and in fats and low in carbohydrates; they must contain essential vitamins and minerals; you should also avoid by-products, both animal and vegetal; and too much calcium if you have a large breed puppy. You must not give adult maintenance food to puppies because they can be deficient in some important ingredients. Until your dog is six month old, he needs between two or four times more food than an adult. At the same time, avoid overfeeding during growth if you want your dog to have healthy bones and joints. It is also a good idea to buy differentiated food, depending on your puppy’s size and breed. Large breed puppies, for instance, need different ingredients compared to small breed puppies, in order to healthily sustain their growth.

What your puppy eats in his first year of life will influence his state of health as an adult and his lifespan. Special puppy food is not just a caprice; it is a true necessity. Not only does your puppy eat more than an adult – even four times more than a grown-up, but he also needs more vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and a high-quality source of proteins. Our reviewers have selected the best puppy dog foods so you can easily decide what suits best your dog. The various formulas we have selected have a few things in common: they are high in proteins and essential fatty acids; they contain few carbohydrates; they are enriched with vitamins and minerals and they don’t contain artificial substances (preservatives, colors, and flavors). It is true that your puppy eats more than an adult, but you must avoid overfeeding him to protect the puppy against hip dysplasia or other skeletal problems. Respecting feeding guidelines and making sure that large breed puppies do not have an excessive calcium intake will produce healthy adults living a long life. At the same time, it can be beneficial to choose a formula suitable for your puppy’s breed: small, medium or large.