the best limited ingredient diet is ideal for sensitive dogs

Some pet owners tend to think that the more ingredients a food contains, the most nutritious it is. This idea is mistaken. Of course, you should never buy for your dog or for you a food which contains ingredients you are not familiar with and whose name you can’t pronounce, but there is more to say about limited ingredients dog foods. Usually, a limited ingredient formula should not contain the following harmful substances: meat by-products, wheat, corn, soy, gluten, dairy, eggs, GMO’s, or artificial colors or flavors. Such dog foods bring a variety of advantages to canine health. Your four-legged friend will be less prone to food sensitivities and allergies; he will enjoy a more easily digestible food, and his coat and skin will be in a better condition. Some limited ingredients formulas can also be grain-free, but not necessarily. When your dog’s food is made out of wholesome, natural ingredients, like good meat containing high-quality protein and fat, he will receive a higher nutritional value. Such formulas are recommended to all dogs, because no pet needs fillers in his food, but you should choose a limited ingredients product for your dog especially if he has allergies, stomach upsets and skin problems.
Limited ingredients formulas are an excellent choice when your dog is dealing with health problems such as allergies, stomach upsets, and a dry or itchy skin. Such dog foods are in fact a very good choice for any canine, because any pet receives a higher nutritional value from his daily food intake when he consumes wholesome, natural ingredients. Your dog doesn’t need artificial or harmful fillers; what he needs in order to be healthy is real food. Limited ingredients dog foods should not contain meat by-products, GMO’s, dairy, eggs, corn, wheat, soy, gluten or artificial flavors, preservatives or colors. These formulas can be grain-free or they may contain whole grains, such as barley, oatmeal or rice. As long as you can’t read the ingredients found on a dog’s food label, unless they are vitamins or minerals, and you don’t know what they really are, once again, that food is not ingredients limited. When it comes to food, including pet food, less is more. You don’t need a very long list of ingredients to make a nutritious food. Choose to give your dog wholesome ingredients used to prepare real food, and his state of health will improve: healthier skin and coat, no food sensitivities and no allergies.