our dog will stay in his house with every weather with Trixie Natura Dog Clug House

Looking for a resilient top-quality dog house that anyone can assemble? You like fine materials and perfect finishes, no matter what item you are buying? You consider that your dog deserves what’s best? If you don’t allow your dog inside your house, you need to provide him with a solid outdoors shelter that will protect him from rain and cold. Trixie Natura Dog Club House is an excellent option, due to the quality of material and to the sufficient space provided to your dog.


Trixie Natura Dog Club House has a rectangular shape in order to provide more space for your dog, and other design features that make it easy to use and easy to clean. The roof is slanted to ensure rain water flow and covered with shingles for a more beautiful aspect and insulation. A great advantage of this roof is the fact you can remove it with the help of two locking arms for extra ventilation or to clean the house more easily. Trixie Natura Dog Club House stand on four adjustable plastic feet which help you place the house properly even if the surface beneath is not even. This will also prevent the floor from direct contact with the ground, which could cause it to rot. Moreover, your dog will be protected from cold and water. The floor is also removable for easier cleaning, so you can refresh your dog’s shelter whenever it is necessary. This wooden dog house comes with a one year warranty.

A comfortable wood dog house

Trixie Natura Dog Club House is made out of solid pine, which ensures both resistance and a pleasant scent. The color of the house is glazed pine. The shingles are just as durable because they are made out of composite. The feet are made from hard plastic, so don’t worry about their resistance. They will do their job for a long time.

Key features

The most important features of the Trixie Natura Dog Club House are the size and its special design. The house is available in three sizes: medium, large and extra-large. They have the next measurements: medium: 33 x 24 x 23 inches, door opening 9 x 13 inches; large: measurements are not available; extra-large: 46 x 32x 31 inch. The door can be purchased separately. The extra-large house is suitable for dogs weighing up to 95 lbs, while the medium one is perfect for dogs weighing up to 45 pounds, like Beagles.  It is recommended to buy an item which is not too big compared to your dog’s size. This is because the climate inside will be warm enough due to body heat when there is not too much space around.

Where To Buy Trixie Natura Dog Club House

Wag Store has a rich range of dog houses and you will find the best Trixie Natura Dog Club House   PetSmart Store offers you the interesting Trixie Natura Dog Club House


The Trixie Natura Dog Club House is neither cheap, nor too expensive, and you need to remember that it’s made out of high-quality material and that it will last for many years with little maintenance. The x-large house has more versions and costs around $210-267, but you can find a discounted price around $170. If we consider the one year warranty, too, the price is quite affordable.

Why choose Trixie Natura Dog Club House

Whenever a pet owner wants to purchase supplies for his dog, he/she will check reviews online, first. For Trixie Natura Dog Club House, the reviews are usually positive, and the product is rated 4 stars and beyond. This dog house is worth buying if you find it at a good price because it is made out of quality materials and it presents a series of features which make it very convenient. Trixie Natura Dog Club House is easy to assemble, easy to clean and doesn’t require too much care from your part to stand up for many years. The fact that you can remove the floor and the roof is a huge advantage, because you can clean the house so much easily, and get rid of dirt or odor in no time. If you wash it, it will dry much faster being open compared to an ordinary dog house.