How it will be comfortable for your dog to travel within this stroller

Pet Gear is a well-known pet supplies manufacturer which produces mainly accessories for pets on-the-go and for home, such as strollers, ramps, carriers, car seats, beds, bike baskets and high chairs. As for the pet strollers, they are experimented in producing such items and they have already released several generations of such carriers. The ultimate one is the Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edition, which encompasses the best features of all the other strollers which have preceded it and that is made out high-quality materials. Transporting your cat or dog is not only comfortable, but also stylish, with this product! You need to know that the stroller and the weather cover are sold separately and that there are three color versions for this special edition product.


Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edtion has all the best features of the Pet Gear strollers and a bit more. The opening is zippered for easy access; your pet will feel very comfortable in the spacious compartment designed especially for him; the wheels have breaks and shock absorbers; extra protection for the pet is ensured by a tether; the front wheel can swivel or it can be locked, depending on the terrain; you will enjoy a parent tray and a storage basket to put your possessions or pet supplies like accessories and treats. The interior pad is waterproof.


Pet Gear did not release any kind of information on the fabric, but Pet Gear Pet Stroller & Weather Cover is probably made out of the usual good-quality fabric used for pet supplies and which are less or more resistant to your pet’s potential bad behavior. According to the instructions, the manufacturer does not take responsibility for the damage caused by untrained pets, but the material should be resilient enough for normal use. The weather cover, though, it is made out of waterproof 600 Denier nylon fabric.

Key features

What you need to know about Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edition is that the maximum weight of the pet should not exceed 45 lbs. This stroller is recommended for small and medium size dogs. The stroller height to handle is 38.75”. There are three stylish colors you can choose from: blueberry, raspberry and sage, with matching weather covers.


Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edition is not a bargain, but most pet owners say that it worth the money. You can purchase this item at the special price of $130, but the usual price starts from $150. The weather cover can be bought separately, at the price of $26.49.

Best Stores To Buy Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover

Your dog will  be very happy for his new Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover   Take a your moment to visit Wag Store and find Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover       At TscShop you can find Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover among many products   A complete set of Pet Geat Pet Stroller Weather Cover is offered by PetFoodDirect   Ass the site name BuyDBest wiith Pet Gear Pet Stroller Wearther CovereNbuMuy comp ea   PetSmart is one of the best store to choose Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover

Why choose Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edition

There are several cases when your pet needs a stroller. It is important to give your dog plenty of opportunities to exercise, but at the same time, there may be occasions when such a product comes in handy.  If your dog is a small breed which can’t make up with very long walks; if you want to take your cat with you in your walks and you can’t just put him in a leash as you do with dogs; if your dog is injured or sick and can’t walk; if you are going to crowded places where your pet may not feel at ease by walking or if the weather is bad, then the Pet Gear Pet Stroller Weather Cover Special Edition is the right choice for you. This product is comfortable both for you and for your pet. Your dog will feel a lot better in this stroller than in an ordinary carrier and you will avoid the unpleasant shoulder ache you have after a few hours of using a pet carrier. The Pet Gear Pet Stroller Special Edition is suitable for medium size dogs which weigh up to 45 lbs and it provides plenty of depositing space for the owner’s possessions and for pet supplies.

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